vim 设置标识符(变量,函数)的显示,不加粗。

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vim 中设置标识符设置成红色不加粗

hi Identifier ctermfg=red cterm=none

vim 标识符红色不加粗的设置
vim 标识符红色不加粗的设置


12. Highlight command                   :highlight :hi E28 E411 E415

There are three types of highlight groups:
- The ones used for specific languages.  For these the name starts with the
  name of the language.  Many of these don't have any attributes, but are
  linked to a group of the second type.
- The ones used for all syntax languages.
- The ones used for the 'highlight' option.
You can see all the groups currently active with this command:
    :so $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/hitest.vim
This will open a new window containing all highlight group names, displayed
in their own color.

                                                :colo :colorscheme E185
:colo[rscheme]          Output the name of the currently active color scheme.

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